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Available For:
  • Hands-on, day and evening classes.
  • Couples evening classes.
  • After school cooking classes for kids and teens.
  • Private parties, by arrangement, in the school or your residence.

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Corporate Team Building Events
Participants receive hands-on cooking instruction and then feast together on the incredibly delicious meal they've created.  It's fun, educational, builds morale, and is designed to allow everone from the novice cook to a master chef to participate comfortably.
Standard classes are 3 hours, offered in several differnt formats, and can be arranged to cover any topic or ethnic cuisine.  Each class is custon-designed with your company's needs in mind.  Classes are held in a spacious ranch home setting with a large kitchen/dinning area with state of the art kitchen appliances.  For more inforation, to check date availabliltiy or to sign up for a corporate team acitivity give us a call at (435)640-1997.
In addition to our cooking classes, we also offer Girls Night Out, Weekend Cooking Retreats, Private and Corporate Events, Team Building, Couples and Singles Classes.  In home catering is a growing trend and can be arranged.  Contact us to book your special event. (435)640-1997.
Need some help with your party, let us help by cooking the meal and delivering to your home.  Enjoy your party  without any mess.

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Our cooking school is dedicated to teaching the art and techniques of fine cooking. Classes are small and are always hands-on. We offer classes for all ages-kids, teens and adults.
The pleasure of a great meal is undeniable. The joy of preparing, then savoring wonderful food has all the ingredients of an unforgettable evening.
The Elements of a good dish:
A great RECIPE!
Outstanding INGREDIENTS!